Get Ready For an Event Entertainment Disruption

Toronto is in the midst of a musical revolution that stretches far beyond the names of Drake and The Weeknd. There is a new generation of local artists ready to lead the city known as “the 6” into a new era full of musical experiences.

Wind back the clocks a few years. Could you have predicted half of the things we have now? The scene keeps evolving in exciting and unexpected directions and today, we are at the start of a musical revolution. Genres such as Rock and Roll, Motown, Disco, Girl Groups and many other styles of music, continue to be revisited by corporate event professionals when they are given themes from the past to execute. These are classics that will never fade but today’s clients; a new generation of millennial influencers, are looking for collaborations, live experiences and technology driven acts. This is what is driving the decision making process within large corporations.

Leading the northern uprising is a series of young talented performers who’s passion is to change the way the corporate event industry thinks about music. The trend is based on letting opposites attract, creating a new type of disruption, and changing the status quo.

Here are the results of the latest hunt; fresh and original to keep the entertainment world fresh and ever-evolving.

A female vocalist singing with a beat boxer

• Pairing a Soprano with a Spoken Word rapper

• Rock & Roll Dueling Female Cellists

• An Electric harpist who plays alongside a cellist with a DJ

These are just a few of the classically trained young artists that are breaking down barriers in the music scene. These collaborations are brilliant, cool and very on trend. Not only do these performers learn to make music together, they are also being advised on choreography, styling and delivery. Ultimately the engagement with the audience is more powerful and speaks to the importance of change. We as event professionals should always be leaping out of that comfort zone and encouraging our clients to take game changing risks. Toronto is being recognized around the world for it’s unique style and the birth of many new musicians who are breaking ground. At the Idea Hunter it is our mission to stay on top and continue to teach young artists how to earn a living by entertaining in a ever changing world.

Always hunting for fresh new ideas, be sure to follow @the_idea_hunter to see their latest catch.

[author image=”” ]Looking for something unexpected? Let Janice Cardinale – The Idea Hunter – work with you to create a customized event solution. The Idea Hunter is much more than an event entertainment company. Janice is a creative mastermind with over a decade of experience engaging and entertaining audiences of all sizes. Her passion to live, work and share ideas has made the idea hunter a perfect source for all corporate planners, producers and industry professionals. Janice continues to contribute to the industry by supporting and mentoring students at Seneca College and is a board member on the event design and management program. Janice is an editor at large writing monthly posts for Canadian Special Event on line magazine. She also contributes to MPI, TSE, Biz Bash and other industry publications. Today Janice speaks on Trends In Entertainment & enjoys sharing her knowledge, expertise and experiences with other event professionals across Canada[/author]

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