ISES Toronto’s 2010 Kick Off Event

The  Toronto ISES Chapter kicked off the new year at the newest performing arts centre in the 905 district. Richmond Hill now boasts state-of-the-art, Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts, a town owned venue offering incredible acoustics, great event space at a value price.
Guests enjoyed a buffet dinner while be serenaded by singer, Teresa Marchione. Michael Grit, Theatre Manager spoke to guests about the struggles of having to cancel entertainment contracts due to the Centre not being constructed in time. For over 90 acts, Michael had to renegotiate and reschedule to ensure they had a full season of programming once the theatre officially opened. MIchael shared a secret all booking agents don't want you to know – once you tell them it's for a corporate or private party – the price triples! The best way to avoid high prices is to let the agent know you're shopping around and then do it.

Michael has had the pleasure of dealing with many celebrities and touched on some of the outrageous riders he has seen. One trend that hasn't changed in the industry is the fact that riders given at time of contract signing are rarely accurate with revised ones arriving within days of the event. This evening gave guests enlightenment into the entertainment industry.
Stefani Venere
ISES Toronto