Love & Wine at Honsberger Estate

What is it that makes wine country oh-so-romantic? Is it the sweeping landscapes filled with pristine rows of vines or maybe the majestic wineries that could double as midcentury castles? Perhaps it’s simply the relaxed vibe inherent in regions where people “work the land” or maybe it’s all it of the above – and then some.

Even as pristine blankets of snow cover the ground, romantic energy still buzzes through the silent vines with amorous couples escaping the city, husbands and wives celebrating a special anniversary, newly engaged lovers planning their Big Day. The wine regions of Ontario just beckon those seeking romance.

I was visiting Niagara recently updating information for my book, “Lake Ontario Uncorked: Wine Country Road Trips from Niagara Peninsula to Prince Edward County”, and I dropped in for a visit with Honsberger Estate; a property that’s been farmed for five generations, but only in the last five years has the family decided to turn their sprawling vineyard and refurbished barn into a welcoming event space. Brides and grooms now flock to this romantic farm setting, eager to celebrate their nuptials in casual, wine country style.

Driving up the narrow, gravel path to the winery, past the old Victorian house that has been the family stead since the 1800’s, visitors are greeted with a hand painted sign reading, “welcome to our farm” leaning up against a towering, moss-covered tree. A few feet beyond, is the charming grey and red winery and restaurant, fabulously adorned in country-chic string lights over the patio and another hand painted, wooden sign pointing the way to the tasting room.

Romance is woven into the tapestry of this venue. Peaches, pears, apples and nectarines line the property and the circa 1800s barn is the stage for beautiful vintage weddings. After the “I do’s” outside among the aged birch trees and antique church pews couples memorialize their day in this spectacular setting for formal portraits.
Their food philosophy is farm to table so you can be sure everything is sourced locally or grown on the property. The menu changes with the ground so they have a new selection every week and sometimes every day, which means each event menu is custom designed.

Honsberger Estates’ is not just for weddings. It is a spectacular venue for incentive programs, corporate events and wine tastings. The easy-going professionalism of the team is as appealing as its rural setting. Even groups looking to bring in their own wine are mercifully free from sticky regulations and unbending policies. Though, to not enjoy Honsberger’s premium dry Riesling, rosé and Cabernet Franc wine, is to miss out.
Elegant and supple with intriguing notes of ripe blackberry, char and a faint, young, tobacco leaf. Tannins are smooth and well integrated. Pure and fresh, there’s a quiet, seductive power to this wine.

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