StyleFile: What’s Your NYE Party Style

For those of us that attend a lot of events and love fashion, we look forward to this time of the year when what you wear is almost as exciting as where you go.  This year’s party outfit mantra is “is anything goes”  with an eclectic mix of holiday fashions gracing the pages of our favourite magazines. Just for fun, we thought, why not check in with our readers to find out what you will be wearing when you hit the buffet table or the dance floor at this season’s holiday events. See if you can find yourself in a little game we call: What’s YOUR NYE Party Style?


YOU make it a point to talk to every guest before you call it a night. A master mingler, you have a smile to match your killer heels. Your drink? Champagne Cocktail of course.


Let’s face it, you are epic cool. Women love you; you laugh out loud; love a good scotch and can hold your own at the poker table. You rock this sexy but casual “never try too hard” look.


You are known for calm and grace under pressure. You like to keep it classy; a little white wine, some canapes and a few well-intentioned chats with just the right people and out of the door you go to your next fabulous affair. 


You are BOLD and cheeky and you like to make a statement. You hold court while partygoers form a line to say hello. You are always double booked and you love your ice cold chardonnay.


Hopeless romantic, you love the nostalgia of the holidays; bring the best hostess gifts; tend to stick to your group and usually bring home a trinket or an extra piece of dessert. Your drink? Kir Royale or Chocolate Martini.


You’re not known for taking huge risks; you opt for classic every time; your hair looks stunning in a bun and you always have a party strategy. You are classic red wine, throw amazing dinner parties and your GFs always borrow your style.


You have amazing taste; choose classy modern pieces; have impeccable manners and your party planner mind never shuts off. You love champagne and prefer a standing cocktail table to a booth, after all, how else will you show off your fabulous shoes?


Up for anything you are always the life of the party. You may arrive late but you won’t leave early and you are not too shy to kick off those heels on the dance floor. Your party style is flawless and your drink? Red wine or a margarita.