Event Carpet: Setting New Ground Rules

By the time guests  enter  an  event  space,  chances  are  the  design  team  has worked  their magic to create that  WOW moment we all aim for.  This will include the usual elements such as draping, custom decor, specialty seating and even Pantone-matched  desserts; all be  part  of  the  overall  look.  These  specially curated  touches  come  together  to  create  a  space that  combines  your  unique aesthetic with your clients’ vision.

It’s natural that when pitching this epic vision, design teams pay attention to the details that will draw the eye upward: beautiful chandeliers, sky-high drape walls, interactive art installations etc. Though these elements are important and are sure to provide impact, when was the last time your design proposal included an option for drawing the eye down, toward the floor? We mean actually taking up a coveted spot on that design board; a small square dedicated to representing a bold carpet or a lush rug to tie the room together.

Event carpet is an inexpensive and resourceful way to make an impact for corporate and private events: specific colours, branded carpet prints, or contour-cuts can make for the perfect element to tie your lounge together.

Carpeting can be more than an added cost to your event rental; a thick carpet creates a cozy and comfortable feeling of home that clients are looking for. Feeling comfortable in your space is more than relaxing on a sofa and setting your drink on a table during meaningful conversation. Comfort is found in the feeling of warmth, of inclusion, and of having a place to belong. For a minimal addition to your rental, you could easily bring in warmth and comfort which could spur the next great groundbreaking conversation between event attendees.

As sexy as flooring is to pitch to a client, ask your suppliers for event photos or reference images that will convey the impact event carpet can have. Your rental suppliers are here to help you design a truly unique and inclusive space that is perfect for your clients’ events.

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