“We Back” @ Decor & More

The “We Back” event by Decor & More was nominated for “Best Micro Event”. The purpose of the event was to provide guests with a fun evening in a unique venue. Visitors were welcomed into the lounge area by custom vinyl-wrapped “Pop-a-shot” nets, lounges designed in monochromatic styles and branded walls.

“We Back” was a night of celebrating “Being Home” once again and saluting the media outlets that cover the Toronto Raptors organization – in addition to this, it was a way to say thank you for being relocated with us during such an unprecedented time in Toronto sports History.

The team at Decor & More inc designed and executed this unique and intimate experience in collaboration with our incredible clients. On the evening of October 18th, the doors to the OVO Athletic centre were opened once again to the Raptors Media and friends of the organization after nearly a 2-year hiatus as the team was relocated to Florida during the Pandemic.

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