In Memory Of Marion & Marin

Today, I wish to honour the memory of two remarkable women in our industry: Marion Clifton, founder of the Northwest Event Show, and Marin Bright, the visionary behind Smart Meetings.

Their recent passings have created a profound void in our community, a testament to the significant legacies they leave behind. I had the privilege of collaborating with Marion during my time on the West Coast, and I witnessed firsthand how she reshaped the landscape of event planning. Although I never knew Marin personally, her role as a beacon of inspiration and unwavering commitment deeply impacted our field.

Marion Clifton (left) Marin Bright (right)

As a fellow founder in the event media space, I feel a profound kinship with Marion and Marin. Their journeys mirror my own in many ways – from pioneering industry blogs to creating trade events that support our community, I understand their path and the unique challenges they faced as they grew their respective brands. Their willingness to embrace new platforms, take risks, and advocate for the industry demonstrated a rich and steadfast commitment I deeply admire.

Marion and Marin were more than industry leaders; they were mentors, cheerleaders and staunch allies for those immersed in the intricacies of event planning. Their remarkable careers, sadly cut short, remind us to live fully, embrace growth and innovation, and find joy in our work amidst challenges.
As we grieve their absence, we simultaneously celebrate their extraordinary achievements and the lasting marks they have made.

To Marion and Marin, thank you for being luminaries in our industry and inspiring and guiding countless individuals. Your stories have imparted lessons of leadership, innovation, and community that will remain invaluable for many years to come.

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