OneWest Event’s Experiential Design with Pizza ATM

Congratulations to OneWest Event’s for their impressive experiential marketing idea that exceeded Connectfirst Credit Union’s expectations! The “Pizza ATM” was a brilliant way to create genuine engagement with the brand while providing a fun and delicious experience for attendees at the Sled Island Music festival. Dispensing 1200 pizzas daily through the ATM was an incredible achievement that showcased OneWest Event’s creativity and innovation in the industry.

Their client’s at Connectfirst Credit Union are always looking for innovative and creative experiential marketing ideas, and their designers at OneWest Event’s sure delivered the creativity with the “Pizza ATM”. Attendees at the Sled Island Music festival were given Pizza Debit Cards and prompted to go find the Pizza ATM which was as fun and delicious as it sounds. 1200 pizzas were dispensed through the ATM daily, over the course of 5-day festival, creating genuine engagement with their clients brand that exceeded their marketing expectations.