The Night Oven Bakery, Saskatoon

Over the next series of posts, we’ll be sharing  a little about a signature dish, ingredient, or culinary philosophy that proudly represents the culture, heritage, location, and creativity of our Cities in Sync Partners.

Located in the middle of some of the best farmland in the world, Saskatoon offers a rich authentic honest food scene focused on quality local ingredients. Farm to table isn’t a marketing strategy, it’s an advantage born of the proximity to the source.

For thousands of years, people have been living off the bounty of this rich land that today, powers the Canadian agricultural industry and feeds millions of people around the world.

Locally those same grains inspire a growing list of incredibly unique microbreweries, distinctive distilleries and the 

The Bakery is a wonderful example of the straightforward philosophy of the local scene that we think is best summed up by a quote from owner Bryn Rawlyk

” We start with organic, seasonal ingredients from local producers. Then craft our bread and pastries by hand and use care plus time to create what we believe to be exceptional products. Everyday.”

To learn more about the local culinary scene and some great places to eat, reach out to Jenny D. from Tourism Saskatoon or check out the links above to the Night Oven Bakery and the Tourism Saskatoon website.

Author: Jason Koop is a writer, influencer, fan of Canadian event experiences, and the VP of Business Development with Canadian Special Events.  After more than 15 years in the apparel industry managing accounts for some of the world’s largest designers like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Vanity Fair Corp, Jason was ready for a change. Combining his relationship-building skills with his marketing background and his new love for events, he has built the largest following of corporate event professionals in Canada for CSE and is helping to lead the brand to a new level of success.