The Marriage of Tunes & Technology

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You’re at an event. There are great cocktails, delicious food and a band that’s shaking up the dance floor except they never play your song. You flew to the moon, partied all night long and even put a ring on it, but what you haven’t heard is your jam. Most people don’t know this but bands, even with big repertoires, struggle to adjust their set and perform random requests. The logistics make it almost impossible… until now.

Jamieson Dean Photography

Customization on the fly is now a thing and you can find it from URequest Live, a 10-piece band of talented musicians who mix, twist, and take requests both in advance of your event and on the fly. Combined with video and app technology, guests can pick and choose what keeps your dance floor filled and your brand or event top of mind.

Jamieson Dean Photography

This new event tech was done in Quebec recently for a pharmaceutical company’s evening event. The event theme was inspired by technology with LED furniture, three huge projection screens and full wall live-eye projections of the band. Using the conferences own app, the band seamlessly integrated their performance by having the app push a notification to the guests moments before their arrival inviting them to make requests from the band.

Easily accessible via a mobile device and/or kiosk the guests swarmed the band with hits ranging from early Beatles to Gaga and everything in between. Over 100 requests before guests even entered the event.

Jamieson Dean Photography

So how does it work? With a song list of over 400 unique songs, the band mixes on the fly and flows seamlessly from song to song with sheet music instantly uploaded to their iPads when a request is made. In addition to the live requests, music videos also play in sync on screens behind them.

Jamieson Dean Photography

With the co-mixing of technology and entertainment a hot-topic in the events industry, URequest Live has created a one of a kind opportunity for planners to enhance the guest experience. They can also brand the kiosk and the app, control how many songs and which ones are allowed to be played and even foster competition and communication with guests by having them request songs and the most requested bumps up the cue to be played first! The best may be yet to come as this revolution in technology meets entertainment with apps being built for fundraising to support charity with song requests for cash, visible branding and an experience worth cashing in on.

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Written by Crystal Adair-Benning,

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