Toronto Jazz Festival

June 24 – July 3, 2011,  David Pecaut Square, Toronto
Tina Kessler, OnSite Reporter

Imagine a hot summer in the city. You’re putting on a 2 week festival with live entertainment and while the evenings and weekends have very high attendance, the weekdays seem to only attract a few attendees. You’ve tried the lunchtime concerts in the park, but usually only get a few families or passersby. But you want to attract not only those who have the day off, but those who are working, those heading outside to enjoy the weather while having lunch. Since they are already outside, why not give them something to enjoy while they eat their lunch? Or better yet, set up some food vendors to sell them lunch. Then, everyone can sit in the grass in the sun, or at tables in the shade and enjoy the live entertainment.

Remember you’re in the city. And the nearest park is too far away. You want people to be less than 5 minutes away so they have time to spend their whole lunch break there. Where can you have live entertainment in the middle of the day in downtown Toronto with trees and a grassy area that isn’t a park and that`s convenient for a large group of people? David Pecaut Square.

Nestled between Roy Thompson Hall and Metro Hall on King Street West between John & Simcoe Streets, David Pecaut Square (formerly Metro Square) was the ideal location for the 25th Annual Toronto Jazz Festival’s mainstage. No stranger to festivals, David Pecaut Square is an ideal venue for outdoor concert-based events in the heart of downtown Toronto and also served as the ‘Hub’ for ‘Luminato’ in June of this year. With free lunchtime and after-work concerts, the festival gave jazz lovers and others the chance to enjoy great music in the city.

The soothing sounds of the Sienna Dahlen Quartet drew crowds of people in during lunchtime on Thursday June 30th for a relaxing lunch in the Square. Some stayed in the shade and enjoyed the music from afar, while others sat in chairs on the grass, basking in the sun. With the grass beneath their feet and the trees surrounding the mainstage, they almost forgot they were in the city and that only a half hour ago the phones were ringing off the hook and their bosses were yelling at them.

I`m sure many appreciated the free lunchtime entertainment and would absolutely stop by after work, or return in the evening or on the weekend, bringing friends and family with them. David Pecaut Square is a hot venue you should definitely consider for your next outdoor event.

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