The Fairmont Royal York in Toronto hired Fifth Element Group to inspire 140 high profile event professionals who would potentially book the venue’s recently redesigned  Ballroom. The mission was to completely transform the iconic room  from its classic British royalty appeal and create an experience that would blow them away.

Since everyone attending was a planner, designer or DMC directly involved in creating live events, the task of designing something they hadn’t seen before was an tall challenge that the Fifth Element team met with the brilliant innovation they are known for.

The concept was simple…the event was to float from the ceiling and drop to the floor…right in front of the guests eyes!. Months of preparations were down to this one moment with a custom installation that required precision down to the millimeter!

The tables, being the centerpiece was an evolution in events, mixing experiential events and dining in to one showstopping combination.

In advance of the dining room opening, candles were lit, place settings were set and the florals were placed is placed. The two custom runs of 60’ worth of tables, all hanging from motors, ascended to the ceiling slowly while the chairs stayed in place as if the tables were invisible.

The dining room opened with drama as guests looked around…..why are there chairs and no tables? Then…just like that, they watched in awe as the tables made their descent, perfectly into place as the star of the show.

The execution of this event and its incredible design has earned it two nominations in the 2020 Canadian Event Awards in the categories of Best Event Design/Decor Concept $50,000 -$150,000 and Most Creative Tablescaping/Center Design.


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