Who Says You Shouldn’t Play With Your Food?

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The world of catering has changed with the rise of social media. With sm feeds like Instagram, pinterest and tumblr used as a platform for self-expression, foodies, insta-chefs and food fanatics have raised the bar for event caterers to create food that not only tastes good but creates a huge visual impact.

“A dessert’s looks is just as important as its taste,” says Matteo Stucchi one of the most recognized insta-chefs you can find today with over 107K followers on his Instagram alone.

Based in Monza, Italy –this 24 year-old pastry chef is known around the world for building playful miniature worlds frozen in time using only desserts and little figurines. Imagine a world made of pastry… chocolate rivers, gingerbread houses, buildings made of dough and topped with icing.

In his world there are no limits, cake pops are transformed into a ferris wheels and baked brownies turn into mining sites. He uses the online name I Dolci di Gulliver, taken from the book Gulliver’s Travels which sees an ordinary man travel to Lilliput, a nation of miniature people.

Using models of people and vehicles, Strucchi creates scenes showing the people of Lilliput living in a world of pastry on his instragram account.

“I wanted to present my desserts differently from others,” he told The Local. “There are lots of artists who create miniatures using food, but I focus on desserts. I try to use my imagination as much as possible in order to surprise people. As for how he comes up with each of his masterpieces, Strucchi says he first focuses on making a beautiful pastry, and then tries to look at it from a new perspective. “Then, I think about how I can make my characters interact with it,” he explains.

Whether it is an air balloon made out of cotton candy, a chair swing ride composed of an ice cream cone and donuts or Dr. Seuss-like trees made out of cake pops – Matteo’s collection of edible creations draws anywhere from 5,000 – 7,000 likes per post.  Stay inspired and follow Matteo Stucchi on Instagram at  or on facebook .