Experience Marketing Hit With The Huntress Messenger Box

The first messenger box that opened and started playing music was sent out by The Idea Hunters. The gifts inside the box were all related to Valentine’s Day, in addition to the personalized messaging and entertaining music that played as the box was opened. While making sure their gift stands out, they also want their customers to feel valued.

The Idea Hunter wanted to celebrate their clients in a unique way and decided to skip over the holiday gift season. Knowing their gift may just end up in a pile of vendor gifts, they decided to surprise their clients by sending a themed gift box on a completely unexpected holiday – Valentine’s Day! They also knew that no one else would send Valentine’s Day Gifts, so theirs would truly stand out. The Idea Hunter created a singing messenger box,that displayed appreciation for their clients and was all about the LOVE.

Since sending their first Huntress Messenger Box, they have had corporations purchase custom messenger boxes to give to their teams and The Idea Hunter is nominated for 2022 Best Experience/Gift Box for their innovative ideas.

Congrats to everyone who helped make this event a great success, & good luck at the Canadian Event Awards Gala from  Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex on Sept 28, 2022. The CEA Gala is the last event of CSE Live 2022, EventFest, Canada’s premier event for Canadian event professionals and can be found here.

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